We are looking for a good book

but finding mostly sin

it's alright

come on in

everything is brilliant

in Brooklyn


vegan kimchee and pastries

amaze me

stay away from the gravy

baby boomers cry we are all lazy

cause we're climbing high

trying to get a glimpse of Jay Z

and like crazy

we write songs and plays

spend all the days drinking coffee

quoting shakespeare

maybe cheap beer

if it's free.

Sometimes too much

and such

and other stuff

then feeling rough

and on a hunch

we push back brunch

we share cars

and tend bars

at karaoke

make bad choices


we have a buzz

but love our voices

and the nets on point

but the stadiums rusted

lights so bright

smoke a joint

its alright

you'll never get busted


the hipster elves

at the duck duck

can go

fuck fuck



we all swing dance

and freelance

waiting for the chance

hoping the time is near

when our career

will grow legs

but as the chicken says

you can steal my eggs

just don't pluck me

and please don't

fuck me


send crazy texts to lara

citibike with tara

stroll to street fairs

we're all teddy bears

if I was less polar

and a little more panda

I might still be hand

and hand

with miranda

hard to tell

hope the plants are well

aloe can get you through hell

without the blisters

we get clapping

for our sisters

and brothers

and lovers

at open mikes

while taking drugs like they are mike and ikes

and baking each other


and doing whatever it takes

to make

it. here

where there is always room

for another cook

in the kitchen

you need more than looks

to get in

cause we are all feeling brilliant

in Brooklyn.


Don't want an office

and a boss

only wear a tie to

a Moth

to hear new stories

of wins and loss

things gone

and laughs

that pass like a yawn

i'm still listening

just doing

a thing

on the phone

video's not playing

just a sec

why fuck why

no wifi

can't connect

I wasn't listening

what were

you saying


a friend of a friend

has a car

and will help you move

Brooklyn Museum

is better than the Louvre




and the G train

is a myth

these days its

a blunt

not a spliff

everything changes

just not my underwear

that often

I don't care

about sports but I know to say

fuck Boston

and there

is Red Hook to get

lost in

richest and poorest

side by side

everyone is pregnant

and the dude abides

the dude abides

drop off your compost

right before Ikea

and your covered

in meatballs

next time I see ya


I was saying

bars are fine

but the museums

you got to see'em

then put another dime

in the jukebox

put your feet up


have a bagel with lox

don't worry

no one on match dot com

is going to see

that we

don't match socks

here everybody has some skills

and everybody is on some pills

Xanax if you are wealthy

ginseng if you're healthy

wearing jeans

I hit yoga to see what it all means

it was intense

there I learned

while everything and incense


I'm out of shape

just to jog

I need a cape

so there's a store

try one on

there are plenty more.


In prospect park

thinking we're beatniks

we eat brie

and read poetry

at picnics

tossing the frisbee

you never want to leave

I don't believe

but i'am thinking

about Jesus

how else do you explain

all these cheeses


in the biz

tomorrow there is

an audition

then an audition

the day after audition

then an audition

wish me luck

then an audition

then an audition



But hey my shirt is funny

though I got no

money on me

the irony is rich

life's a trip

sometimes a bitch.

So I sip

and so I sip


wearing thick glasses

we thrift shop clothes

that lord knows

were made for asses

in one man shows

where in zebra print and clogs

that we found marked way down

we sprint around

getting shit from our dogs

we like clean streets

with no litter

but my place is a mess

I've been away

and my roomate's ex needed a place to stay

but the sheets

should be clean?

it's a zoo now

i'd tidy if I

knew how

oh and the critters

Ernie is mean

but not Burt

he is the best


and I made yogurt

for when you wake

but get some sleep

you need rest

stay as long as you please

here are the keys

everything is going to be ok

you were great tonight

really blew them away

just ring if there is anything

you're needing

and don't forget

tomorrow is my reading


so good night

good looking

and smile

everything is brilliant in Brooklyn