Over the last nine months, veterans of varying backgrounds have been meeting at the NYU Veterans Writing Workshop to write, discuss craft, and give critical feedback on creative work. As the coordinators of this longstanding workshop, we were honored to work with such a talented and dedicated group of writers.


This season has been a busy one. In addition to weekly workshops and craft discussions, we had the fortune of hosting several master classes with established editors and writers. Rob Spillman, editor and co-founder of Tin House, and Matt Weiland, Vice President and Senior Editor at W.W. Norton & Company of Norton, gave a wonderful talk on publishing. Fiction writers Roy Scranton, journalist and author of War Porn (Soho Press), and Sara Novic, fiction editor at Blunderbuss Magazine and author of Girl at War (Random House), visited to discuss the art of the novel. Writer, performer, poet, and former fellow with this workshop, Jennifer Murphy, returned to us for an exciting close read of short fiction. Poet Nathan McClain, author of Scale (Four Way Books), gave a craft talk in late spring. Finally, Mira Jacobs, author of the critically acclaimed novel, The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing, will be joining us for our annual reading this May.


As we close out the workshop for summer break, we congratulate and wish luck to two of our writers as they head off to MFA programs next fall. We also celebrate the dedication and work of all our writers with the ninth edition of this anthology.


With much gratitude,

Jess Pane, J.J. Starr, and J. Robin Whitely,

Workshop Facilitators